2019 Examples of Excelencia

2019 Examples of Excelencia

Through Examples of Excelencia we have recognized more than 300 programs in the last 14 years and invested over $1.9 million through our own fundraising to catalyze these successful endeavors so more students can thrive and succeed.

Deborah Santiago

CEO, Excelencia in Education

Congratulations to programs selected as 2019 Examples of Excelencia

2019 Examples of Excelencia - recognition awards

In 2019 we received 166 total nominations from 32 states, including DC and Puerto Rico. Of these nominated programs, Excelencia selected 16 finalists. The four programs below were chosen from the 16 finalists by a selection committee made up of experts with diverse backgrounds in higher education.

Center for Community College Partnerships (CCCP)
Attract, Inspire, Mentor, and Support Students -
The AIMS2 Program

Cal-Bridge Program
Latino Achievers

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2019 Examples of Excelencia Sponsors

2019 Examples of Excelencia Sponsors



The 4 programs selected as 2019 Examples of Excelencia, program Finalists, and Programs to Watch are all now members of the Excelencia's community of Latino student success advocates and institutional change makers. Profiles of each of these programs are featured in the 2019 edition of What Works For Latino Students in Higher Education Compendium.

2019 Examples of Excelencia and other evidence-based programs improving Latino student success can be found in Excelencia’s online resource, the searchable Growing What Works DatabaseThis online searchable database contains programs with evidence-based practices that are improving Latino student success.


Hear Student Voices from the 2019 Examples of Excelencia

2019 Examples of Excelencia Student Voices


At times, student voices get lost behind all the metrics and numbers used to describe a program’s success. This year Excelencia in Education recognized 4 programs with evidence-based programs serving Latino students in higher education through evidence-based practices. Watch the videos to hear first-hand the impact these programs have made on students.



Hear Program Directors from the 2019 Examples of Excelencia

2019 Examples of Excelencia Program Directors


The professionals who lead the evidence-based programs focus on impact, service and sustainability to advance Latino student success. Hear directly from these leaders who are working to support greater numbers of Latino students get to and through their higher education degrees and into the workforce and civic leadership.



Did You Know ...

In 2019, the 16 Examples of Excelencia finalists represent 9 states—California, Kansas, Washington, Michigan, Massachusetts, Tennessee, North Carolina, New York, and Texas.