Mary Gershwin

Senior Associate

Mary Gershwin brings more than 25 years of practical experience in strategic planning, workforce development policy and public/private partnerships, to her role as Senior Associate. She has worked to expand workforce quality and educational achievement with a wide range of organizations including Ford Foundation, the U.S. Embassy in Brazil, The Annie E. Casey Foundation, USAID, The National Governors Association, The American Association of Community Colleges, National Council of State Legislators, and The National Association of Manufacturers.

Most recently, with funding from the Lumina Foundation and Joyce Foundations, Dr. Gershwin established Business Champions Inc, a partner in Excelencia's national initiative, Ensuring America's Future. 

Currently, Dr. Gershwin serves as President of US-Brazil Connect where she is building public-private partnerships that leverage the power of global connections to strengthen education, improve skills, and expand economic opportunity in the U.S. and Brazil.