San Bernardino Valley College is home to a Middle College High School.  Beginning in the 10th grade, students are taught high school curriculum by high school teachers in classrooms located at the SBVC campus.  The students are concurrently enrolled in up to 11 units of college classes.  The high school students attend classes along with students in the general college student population and receive instruction in college-level transferable c

First Year Experience (FYE) is a one-year program that provides an innovative approach to traditional course offerings by linking courses together through thematic content, by developing skills, and by combining instructional methods.

The Enlace Program, which began in 1983, represents an alternative approach to meeting the educational needs of Latino/a students.  In collaboration with its Community Advisory Board and Mentor Advisory Council, the program offers an academic, counseling, and mentoring model that emphasizes a culturally responsive approach to Latino/a students' navigation between their homes, community, and Evergreen Valley College.  Enlace offers courses in

From 2000 to 2010, the Hispanic/Latino population of central Kentucky has grown 182%, and statewide Latino student enrollment in Kentucky Community and Technical College System institutions has increased 101% from fall 2006 to fall 2011.

Austin Community College (ACC)'s mission is to serve underrepresented populations. When challenged to implement Texas’ Closing the Gaps higher education plan, ACC developed a model program, College Connection, to encourage students to seek degrees in higher education. College Connection is a unique, specialized outreach program taking ACC enrollment services directly into high school campuses.

The Maricopa Achieving a College Education (ACE) Program is a collaboration of area universities, high schools, "at risk" students, and their parents.