Student Voices - Math Jam, Cañada College

In 2009, Cañada College created the Math Jam, a campus-wide math success program to address the low level of math preparation of underrepresented students studying STEM, allowing students to “test out” of math courses. Participants become connected with faculty, tutors, peers, and the STEM Center, further strengthening student engagement and course success rates in subsequent college coursework.
Math Jam’s primary goals are to: 1) reduce the completion time for an associates degree and/or transfer to a 4-year institution, 2) improve readiness for college-level math courses, 3) increase student awareness of the skills and tools they need to be successful STEM students, and 4) develop a community of learners among Math Jam participants.
Math Jam has served over 1000 students since its inception in 2009, growing from 50 students in 2009 to 482 in 2012.