The Entering Student Program (ESP) is designed to assist the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) student population (fall 2014--80% Latino/a, 53% first generation college students, 97% commuters, 78% employed) with transitioning into the university environment.

Austin Community College (ACC)'s mission is to serve underrepresented populations. When challenged to implement Texas’ Closing the Gaps higher education plan, ACC developed a model program, College Connection, to encourage students to seek degrees in higher education. College Connection is a unique, specialized outreach program taking ACC enrollment services directly into high school campuses.

For the Mathematics Department at UT Austin to be a key player in addressing societal and technological needs on a national level it must maintain strength in the core areas such as its research and instructional programs while simultaneously encouraging the development of interdisciplinary ventures which draw upon those strengths.  It must also be effective at capturing the talent of all students.