New Jersey


In 2007, Hispanics Inspiring Students’ Performance and Achievement (HISPA) was founded with a mission to mobilize Latino professionals to speak in schools as role models for Latino youth. HISPA’s key program, the HISPA Role Model Program (HRMP), began in 2008 in New Jersey. HRMP sends role models to public schools with majority Latino enrollment (85% of students in the HMRP program are Latino), targeting grades 5 through 9.

LEAP (Learning Enhanced through Accelerated Paths) was established in fall 2012 to address a challenge faced by 75% of incoming Hispanic students at Union County College — the requirement of developmental courses that delay degree completion. LEAP encourages timely graduation by providing first-time students the opportunity to complete accelerated developmental courses in English, mathematics or ESL.

Puerta al Futuro (Puerta) enables Spanish-speaking adult immigrants to earn an AA or BA, with a track to an MA, while improving their English.  Students move from intense English training with Spanish language courses to English-only.  Evening and weekend classes, multiple sites, and online studies meet the needs of adults.

The Hispanic Theological Initiative was established to create and nurture a community of Latina/o scholars and prepare a new generation of faith leaders for religious community and scholars for the academy. The Hispanic Theological Initiative manages the Hispanic Theological Initiative Consortium, consisting of 24 PhD-granting institutions across the nation.