District of Columbia


The LAYC Family of Organizations is a network of youth centers, charter schools and social enterprises with a shared commitment to helping youth become successful and happy young adults, with the skills they need to succeed educationally, professionally and personally.

Excelencia in Education's partnership with National College Access Network (NCAN) extends to Excelencia's President serving on the NCAN Board. The mission of NCAN is to improve access to and success in postsecondary education for disadvantaged, underrepresented, and first-generation students. For more information please visit their website.


Mission: The Institute for Higher Education Policy is a non-profit, non-partisan organization whose mission is to foster access and success in postsecondary education through public policy research and other activities that inform and influence the policymaking process. These activities include policy reports and studies, seminars and meetings, and capacity building activities such as strategic planning.