ACT and Excelencia in Education recognize that the use of data and analysis are key to continuous improvement by individuals, organizations, and systems. Motivated by this shared perspective, we are proud to collaborate on this report, which is an extension of ACT’s annual Condition of College & Career Readiness series. The report provides a national snapshot of academic performance among Hispanic students in the high school graduating class of 2013 who took the ACT® college readiness assessment.
The report addresses a number of critical questions. Are Hispanic high school graduates prepared for college and career? Are younger Hispanic students on target for college and career? Are enough Hispanic students taking core courses? Are Hispanic students who are ready for college and career actually succeeding?
These are questions that have been asked and answered for several years. Unfortunately, the report makes clear that although many Hispanic high school students are making progress toward college and career readiness, overall levels of readiness among Hispanic students are not yet where they should be. To this end, the report offers several recommendations for improving readiness for Hispanic students and all students including establishing clear, high, and common academic standards in the classroom; increasing the rigor of high school core courses; monitoring student performance beginning in the early grades; and making academic interventions with off-target students as soon as possible, based on timely and reliable performance data.
ACT and Excelencia in Education offer this rigorous data analysis to inform and support the development and use of effective educational policies and institutional practices to accelerate Hispanic student readiness for college and careers. Our joint ambition is to work with you to increase college and career readiness among Hispanic students so they are prepared to be successful on their educational pathways after high school. We hope the information contained in this report will assist states, districts, schools, and educators in the important task of preparing Hispanic students to thrive in education, career, and life.
Jon Whitmore, CEO, ACT                Sarita E. Brown, President, Excelencia in Education
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