A critical group of institutions enrolling and graduating Latino students are Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs). New analysis on HSIs using 2012-13 data include:

  • Factsheet: HSIs
  • List of HSIs
  • Emerging HSI List



The following are the top five highlights of this year’s analysis:

  1. There were 370 institutions that met the enrollment definition of HSIs, representing 11% of institutions of higher education.
  2. Latinos’ college enrollment is very concentrated in HSIs. In 2012-13, almost 60% of Latino students were enrolled in HSIs.
  3. HSIs are concentrated geographically. More than 80% are located in five states and Puerto Rico, and over half are located in cities. However, overall HSIs are located in 15 states, including states not generally known for having large concentrations of Latino populations, such as Kansas and Washington.
  4. HSIs are more likely to be community colleges with open admissions. Over 50% of HSIs are two-year institutions and over 60% enroll all applicants.
  5. The majority of HSIs are small institutions. Over half of HSIs have Hispanic FTE enrollment less than 2,000.


Fact Sheet: Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs): 2012-13
Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs): 2012-13
Research File
Emerging Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs): 2012-13
Research File