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Transfer initiative, in collaboration with local community colleges, to provide campus visits to prospective transfer students, informational workshops for community college transfer advisors, and targeted support services for transfer students.

  • Increase awareness and interest in Loyola Marymount College by Latino students at local community colleges.
  • Strengthen alliances between LMU and local community colleges.
  • Improve academic and social integration as well as graduation rates of all entering transfer students.

Access LMU Visit Day welcomes nearly 300, primarily underrepresented and under served, transfer students from over 10 local community colleges. Students are offered the opportunity to participate in an array of educational activities through admission, financial aid, and Career Development presentations, and the chance to interact with currently enrolled students who had previously transferred. Equally important was the outreach effort to transfer advisors, counselors, and coordinators, many of whom had never visited the campus.

Community College Counselor Alliance Day welcomes nearly 30 community college counselors and transfer directors from local community colleges. The program consists of an array of high-level transfer discussions aimed at both providing insight into LMU's transfer practices, as well as providing feedback to the University on ways we can continue to enhance our efforts - particularly with underrepresented populations.

In addition to the above, LMU offers transfer students through the Adelante Scholars Program, an orientation and a one credit course to help them transition to the University. LMU has found that although these students have two years of school prior to transferring, the academic rigor they encounter in their new academic setting is a shock for many of them. Leadership, career development and internship opportunities are also incorporated into the Adelante program.

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