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Tulsa Community College
2021 S. Garnett Road
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The Outreach Center began in 2007 as a gateway to college for any interested student by focusing on the individual’s needs and family integration. The Center offers a large array of services, such as TCC application, enrollment assistance; academic advisement; financial aid assistance; computer placement testing; computer lab, Internet; general education credit classes; personal and academic enrichment classes and Spanish-speaking services. The Outreach Center offers a scholarship specifically for undocumented or DACA students. The Center conducts yearly events for their student body as Luncheons and Career Days. More than 60% of patrons are Latinos.


The Education Outreach Center aims to assist, inform, and empower those populations traditionally underserved in higher education and to provide a gateway to college through effective, accessible services that ultimately ensure student success and excellence.


The Outreach Center receives more than 3,000 patrons per year, their main goal is to guide them in the right direction and empower them to seek and make the correct choices for their education.

TCC is the #1 institution in Oklahoma enrolling and graduating Latinos. They awarded more than two times the number of Associates Degrees than the 2nd institution on the list.  Efforts to reach out to the growing Latino population are always evolving.



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