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The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) developed a fully automated reverse-transfer system that allows transfer students to earn their final credits at the university, and then have those credits sent back to the community college.  Those students can fulfill the balance of the associate-degree requirements at the university and then receive their degrees from El Paso Community College. The University of Texas at El Paso’s hope is that those students, almost all of whom are working-class Hispanic students earning the first degrees in their families, will be the more likely to stay the course to reach the next important educational milestone.


The Reverse Transfer Program has two main goals: 1) seek out and award associate degrees to UTEP students who have completed the requirements for the associate degree; and 2) encourage, through the awarding of associate degrees to qualified recipients, students to continue on to graduating with baccalaureate degrees.


Initial Summary of Reverse Transfer Data: (1) Total number AA/AS Degrees Awarded by El Paso Community College through Reverse Transfer with The University of Texas at El Paso is 2,874 (1st term for students at The University of Texas at El Paso ranged from fall 1996-sping 2009); (2) Total number of Baccalaureate Degrees awarded by The University of Texas at El Paso to Reverse Transfer degree recipients is 1,998; (3) Number of Graduate Degrees Awarded is 130; (4) Average Undergraduate GPA at The University of Texas at El Paso is 3.12.

Specifically, over the last five years through this program, El Paso Community College awarded the following: 28 degrees (2006-2007); 244 degrees (2007-2008); 344 degrees (2008- 2009); 1,116 degrees (2009-2010); 314 degrees (2010-2011).

UTEP Baccalaureate Degrees Awarded to EPCC Reverse Transfer Degree Recipients by year over the last five years: 151 degrees awarded (2006-2007); 147 degrees awarded (2007-2008); 170 degrees awarded (2008-2009); 477 degrees awarded (2009-2010); 534 degrees awarded (2010-2011).