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The Enlace Program, which began in 1983, represents an alternative approach to meeting the educational needs of Latino/a students.  In collaboration with its Community Advisory Board and Mentor Advisory Council, the program offers an academic, counseling, and mentoring model that emphasizes a culturally responsive approach to Latino/a students' navigation between their homes, community, and Evergreen Valley College.  Enlace offers courses in developmental and college level English, Math, and Science - disciplines at the heart of students' academic success in college.  In addition, it offers a guidance course for first semester students and one for transfer students.  In total, Enlace offers 20-24 classes each year, with an enrollment of approximately 700 students.  Approximately 90% of the students enrolled in the Enlace classes are Latino/a students.  Two instructional assistants and several peer student tutors provide supplemental instruction.  Over 65 Latino/a community professionals participate as mentors.


Enlace has six primary program goals:

  1. to successfully matriculate and retain Latino/a students.
  2. to enable Latino/a students to successfully complete the Enlace English, Math, Science, and Guidance courses.
  3. to mainstream Latino/a students into the general education and transfer curricula.
  4. to increase the number of Latino/a students who graduate with an Associate of Arts or Associate of Sciences degree.
  5. to increase the number of Latino/a students who transfer to four-year colleges and universities.
  6. to create a cadre of student leaders.

From Fall 2001 to Fall 2004, 893 Enlace Latino/a students had a 76% course success rate.  During the same period, 2,321 Latino/a students enrolled in non-Enlace courses had a success rate of 55%. Furthermore, the Spring 2006 district generated data demonstrate that the overall Enlace Program success rate for Spring 2006 was 82% while the success rate for all other students enrolled in similar courses was 55%.  For Spring 2006, the Enlace success rate for Math 13, Intermediate Algebra, was 78%; the success rate for the comparison group (Latinos enrolled in non-Enlace Math 13 courses) was 44%.  The Enlace success rate for Math 11A, Introductory Algebra, was 73%; the comparison group's success rate was 40%.  The Enlace success rate for English 1A, college composition, was 72%; the comparison group's success rate was 52%.  The Enlace success rate for English 104, Developmental Composition, was 80%; the comparison group's success rate was 51%.