Lumina Foundation (Lumina) provides direct funding support to 13 site-based efforts across 11 states and general funding for the comprehensive coordination of LSS effort to address and improve Latino student success to help meet the national goal of 60% college completion by 2025. Lumina selected two national organizations, Excelencia and FSG to partner with to provide tailored technical assistance and resource information to strengthen the evaluation, communication, implementation and sustainability of each site. Through this support, Lumina aims to build bridges among key stakeholders working to improve Latino college student success; amplify existing community leadership; and support local, state, regional and national involvement in these efforts.

Lumina's mission is to expand access and success in education beyond high school, particularly among adults, first-generation college students, low-income students and students of color.  In November 2011, Lumina launched the Lumina LSS effort by investing in a set of "place-based," collaborative partnerships.

Key Lumina Staff:

Tina Gridiron

Susan Johnson

Jeanna Keller Berdel

Courtney Brown


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