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The Teagle Foundation’s mission is to advance the liberal arts and enhance teaching and learning in the arts and sciences. They are interested in partnering with more Hispanic-serving institutions through grant initiatives aimed at deepening student learning and engagement.

They would like to draw the attention of HSIs to two of grant initiatives in particular. The “Liberal Arts in the Professions” initiative aims to better integrate the liberal arts in undergraduate professional preparation for business, education, and the STEM fields. HSIs are major producers of public school teachers and scientists and engineers of color. This initiative could provide an opportunity to build on their success to date and continue to enhance curricula, particularly since research shows that providing the applied and human context in science and engineering attracts and retains Latino students.

The “Faculty Planning and Curricular Coherence” initiative is focused on streamlining course offerings, both to increase intellectual cohesion between and across general education and major coursework, and to create tighter and more compact curricula that costs less to deliver. Greater curricular cohesion may provide a strategy for institutions, particularly public HSIs, to respond to the fiscal pressures they face in a time of budgetary constraints. This also provides an opportunity to re-conceptualize how developmental education is delivered so that students can get through basic skills course sequences to the gateway college-level courses more quickly.

Funded projects involve teams of 4-6 campus partners working together in collaboration. The foundation offers both planning (up to $25,000) and implementation grants (up to $300,000) to support efforts related to their initiatives. For either type of grant, a brief concept paper (maximum three pages) is needed. The concept paper in turn serves as the basis for inviting full proposals.

Teagle Foundation’s current RFPs: http://www.teaglefoundation.org/Grantmaking/RFPs

Questions: Please direct all questions to program officer Loni Bordoloi (bordoloi@teagle.org)

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