Issue Briefs

Issue Brief series These publications combine data-driven research and analysis of what is working to increase Latino student success at HSIs, Emerging HSIs and HSIs with graduate programs. 

This brief examines Emerging Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) -- institutions that do not yet meet the HSI enrollment threshold of 25 percent, but which are within the critical mass range of 15-24 percent and have the potential to become HSIs in the next few years. The brief integrates national data with data from a web-based survey and four case studies to examine Emerging HSIs' awareness of Latinos as a definable group on their campus, as well as changes in institutional practices to better serve their Latino students.

This report portrays the perspectives and leadership choices by a select group of college and university presidents who are on the front lines of the changing higher education landscape.

This brief summarizes institutional practices from 12 top-ranked Hispanic-Serving Institutions working to improve student access, retention, and the academic achievement of their students overall and of Latino students in particular.

This brief examines Latino students' college choices. While Latino students may not be aware of the HSI designation, they are in fact converting existing colleges and institutions into HSIs simply as a function of their own decisions-a trend that shows signs of continuing for several more years.

This brief profiles responses from individual interviews with college presidents to better understand their perspectives on three main topics: 1. Defining student success; 2. Measuring institutional accountability; and, 3. Describing what it means to be an HSI.

This brief serves as a primer on the conditions and history behind the invention of HSIs (Hispanic-Serving Institutions), the processes for identification, the general institutional characteristics of HSIs, and notes how these institutions are contributing to Latino student success.

This brief summarizes the discussions by the participating institutions over a 12-month period and their views about institutional practices that facilitate Latino student success. The brief also examines characteristics of institutions that serve Latinos, as well as ways to measure Latino student success and institutional effectiveness.